Bridge to Thailand – Randall Family

Bridge to Thailand (A Randall Family Update)

March 1st, 2017


“The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.” — Henry Martyn, missionary to India


Greetings Friends and Family – partners in the global gospel mission, and as Jude would say, desperate to see those lost snatched from the fire”.   We give thanks to God for your encouragement and prayer.  You are truly a great source of strength for us!  Be assured that God does work in amazing ways through your prayer.  Amy and I wanted to give you all a quick update and send you all a few photos.  A lot has been happening since our last update that we sent from Sukhothai.

FROM THAILAND to PERTH, and MEETING FRIENDS in the SKY… When we last wrote, a few weeks ago, we were facing a hectic couple of weeks, between church work and preparation for our trip to Australia.  Over the final week, Nathan was able to lead one more Thai Bible Study at the church.  The highlight of the week though was the Compassion Ministry Children’s Camp held at the church over our final weekend in Sukhothai.  Charis had a fantastic time joining in some of the activities.  While the children certainly seemed to be having their share of riotous fun, a great deal of Gospel teaching also took place

After pushing hard to pack for the trip and to prepare what was being left behind, we were ready to travel to Perth.  From Sukhothai, we spent a day taking the bus to Bangkok, where we stayed a couple of nights with a friend from WEC.  From there, we flew to Kuala Lumpur and then on to Perth, arriving on Sunday afternoon, February 19th.  While standing in line to board the plane to Perth, Nathan received a tap on the shoulder.  He turned around to see, a couple from our home church in Perth, waiting to board the same plane.  Wow!  We had a wonderful time catching up with them while flying over the Indian Ocean.

Since arriving, we’ve realized how much the city has changed!! Between running errands, organizing the children’s schooling (five different locations in one week), medical appointments (seven and counting), and making connections with friends and family, life has been busy.  We are very thankful that our stay in Perth have overlapped for a short time with Mike, Nathan’s younger brother and missionary.  Mike’s family depart Perth this evening, returning to their ministry abroad.

GIVING THANKS to an ALMIGHTY GOD, and PRAYING FOR THE FUTURE… Having arrived in Perth, and recovered from several colds, we have now begun to look ahead, organizing our stay in Perth…

  • We thank God for the generosity of those who have offered transportation, accommodation, financial support, and assistance in a variety of other areas while we settle in.  God is good!
  • We thank God for the clean air, beautiful parks and smell of the ocean here in Perth.  We aim to make the most of all these things while we stay in WA.
  • The children are grateful to be attending Boys and Girls Brigades while here in Perth.  And Charis is thankful for the chance to join in music lessons with some friends from church.
  • Please pray as while we seek to receive medical treatment here in Perth.  (Micah goes in for a small procedure on his toes this weekend, and Amy continues to organize follow-up appointments for herself.)
  • Please pray for us as we continue to schedule meetings with friends and family over the coming weeks.
  • And please pray that when it’s all said and done, there might be a little time to rest and refresh.

GETTING CONNECTED… For those of you living here in WA, we’d love to be able to catch up with you during our time in Perth.  We’re now available by phone (Nathan – 0423 185 123; Amy – 0423 185 147), and by e-mail (we’ll try to get back to you as fast as we can, Wi-Fi permitting.)

Driven by the incredible Gospel of Christ,

Nathan and Amy Randall (with Micah, Caleb and Charis).